About the Founder

Carl W. Horne Jr.

My name is Carl Horne. I am the founder of In2One Wellness, a facility which is focused on the overall health and well being of our clients. I believe that our programs and approach to wellness
will greatly benefit your patients.

In2One is a complete holistic wellness facility with a primary focus centered around unique and innovative holistic wellness programs. We deliver each program with uncompromised professionalism and competency. In2One is proud to be the first facility of it’s kind. Our systematic methods involve programs to enhance every component of wellness. In essence, it is the bridging of these components, which become the holistic approach to wellbeing! The term “Holistic” simply means, whole or complete. It is In2One’s authentic unique approach, which makes our programs so successful. In2One concepts and methods are utilized as blueprints for long term, life-changing results.

The holistic lifestyle is what the medical community has historically encouraged. The trusted family doctors‘ advice to, eat better, exercise, and get more rest are old familiar words to us all.
In2One believes in these words and has built programs with an intention on prevention.

Our preventative programs are designed to help clients lose weight, which helps to reduce the
risk of adult onset diabetes. In addition, our prevention programs help to control many of the risk factors associated with several other modern diseases effecting most of the American population
today such as: coronary heart disease, stroke, obesity, and arthritis.

Many Americans suffer from chronic back pain. Statistics show that over 200 million Americans struggle with some type of back pain. Our Nu-Motion program is a unique protocol specifically designed to restore stability, strength and range of motion to the muscles, which are often the cause of back pain. The result is a significant reduction and possible elimination of all back pain for most individuals.

Our holistic wellness approach is unique, original and much different than that of a typical health and fitness center. Our exercises are therapeutic by design.

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

  •  Los Angeles Sports Medicine Clinic
  •  National Strength and Conditioning Association
  •  Member of International Taekwondo Federation (ITF)
  •  Chief fitness director for Tips4Golf.com, a new high tech video website for golf instruction
  • Carries a USGA handicap index of 1.8 and is a competitive tournament golfer